Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Track Nationals

Track National Championships 2012

Track Nationals was a mixed bag this year.  I didn't particularly want to race, seeing as I haven't spent any time on the boards since before Augusta.  But the email came through that I needed to race, so I decided to race the 500m time trial.  I probably should have raced the pursuit as well, but that's why this bike racing thing is a long term learning process, not an instant gratification data point.

So, we'll skip right to the part where I DID "race."  Since The Games were just a few weeks ago, there weren't many people there.  I was on the track alone.  Warm-up went well, being on the track went OK and I was just shooting for a sub-50 second time.  After an OK start and a less than admirable second lap, the final time was 49.05 seconds. Not bad for less than optimal fitness, training and being broken.  I'll take it - along with the National Championship jersey that goes with it.

But the time at the track brought up the fact that I need to commit and jump into racing with both feet.  I don't like looking stupid.  I don't like getting dropped at the start.  But if I want to be a bike racer, then it's time to be a bike racer.

Game on.