Friday, November 25, 2016


Today's mission: avoid the hangry mess we found ourselves in yesterday. Also, I apologize, Cody's fancy man photos come out blurry on the blog!

Our air bnb host suggested a local market for breakfast, so we grabbed our coffee and sugar rush pastry from there.  We wandered around the streets of Florence hoping to make it to Ponte Vecchio before our tour.  We found this church:


Inside were treasures, such as this by Donatello (the artist, not the Nunja Turtle)

At 11:45 we had a tour of Galleria de Accademia which contains the David.

Our tour guide was great. She spoke Spanish and English on our tour and I could understand both!  After several years of dormant Spanish, it was nice to know I can still understand!


Selfie stick with David
This guy couldn't get enough of David's endowment 

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