Wednesday, November 23, 2016

To Florence!

Again, cappuccino and pastry. 


We also got some tasty treats to hopefully stave off hangry times ahead.


And we a previously appearing character...the mayonnaise sandwich!!!

We spent time wandering around Venice.  I contemplated a gelato, but settled for an espresso instead. We got back to our flat and hurried to pack ( more about this to come).
On our way to the train station we grabbed some small sandwiches.  Cody bought four, even though my rule is to buy one of something until you know it is good!  Hmph!

We were plodding along to the train station when we spotted a guide dog!  Cody sped ahead with bags and I crutches as fast as I could to get a photo.  This is the best we could get!

The train ride was relatively uneventful. The sandwiches were good, so cody is safe for another day.  

The walk from the train station to our flat was slightly traumatizing.  Cody had to dodge cars, bikes, scooters and pedestrians while pulling our bag over very cobbley road.  

Here is Cody's bag:
Here is Laura's bag:

A representation of their lives.   You saw it here folks. 
We made it!  And we have an adorable flat for the next few days!

 After settling in to our flat, we walked around Florence. We bought tickets to climb the dome of the cathedral on Friday. 550 steps one way.  


Then we started looking for food. It was 5pm.  We knew that most Italian places close around 3pm and reopen around 7 for dinner.  We were hungry. There were many things said out of hanger!  We walked.  And walked. And walked.  And walked. Finally a very pushy woman called us over to see her menu. We were so hungry we finally stopped there.  Were not sure if it was a great food decision, but it surely saved our marriage,  thank you crazy lady!

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