Monday, November 21, 2016

Venice Day One

Even after ten hours of sleep, I still look like I haven't slept!  It's cloudy/foggy/rainy so my hair is unsure of how to behave!  But here we made it to Venice.

We left Saturday morning at 5am. Our friend Dalton, of googly eye infamy, drove us to the airport (thanks Dalton!!!).

We started our journey and I started a new sewing project:

We survived a flight to Philadelphia and then embarked on a Cody's second longest flight (the first being to Philadelphia) to Rome.  We went back in time and were served a meal on our flight.  I got grumpy because Cody looked at my salad.  We flew all night.  With 400 other people.

But we landed in Rome and made it to the train station. I slept for three hours on the train as proper Europeans passed by and glared.
It's a good thing there was a map of the bathroom on the train.  They must know that I could get lost 
in a 2x2 room.

We got a picture from our puppysitter and SiriGirl is being "perfect!"  Not sure we believe it!!!!  But we're proud of her.

We walked through Venice and found a place for dinner. There was an emergency because Cody had to use the restroom and I forgot you have to pay to use public restrooms!  He made it.  We paid 3.5euros for sandwiches made with mayo so he could use the bathroom? #thanksobama


First Italian meal: gnocchi, lasagna and wine 

After dinner, I had gelato.

We woke up this morning and after a shower in our very small and very sloping shower, we grabbed some cappuccinos and some not so yummy cold balls filled with cheese. 

We explored Venice.

There are a lot of dogs in clothes which for some reason brings me infinite happiness. 

Doge's palace 

We climbed ( paid a bunch of euros to take the elevator) to the top of the bell tower 

From there we could see Venice from all sides, except we forgot which ways each photo was taken from...oh well

Apparently, there are no speed limits in the canals - an "ambulance" 

We had pizza for lunch, Cody's is not 
Pictured because he couldn't wait 

I had gelato (I actually think this is my second one of the day).

Cody's fancy man photo

More dogs in clothes!!!!! This one had a little strap around his tail to keep his jacket from gathering up

 We ended the day with a less than stellar meal at the Denny's of Italy.  Such is life!  This is Cody's "I can't believe we're eating this face:


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