Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to the BEST Dad Ever!

Poor guy - had no idea what he was getting himself into.  He should have jumped ship while he could.

Notre Dame vs UCLA 2009

My dad is the unsung hero of our family.  He is often lost in the chaos of living with three women.  But you can always count on him.  He will drive to west LA to help me get a new battery in my car at 5pm (a special kind of love since he had to take the 405) when I'm stuck in a parking lot. He can fix anything.  And I mean anything.  He has been known to drive me around in the middle of the night after surgery, with my cast hanging out of the car window because the only way my foot will stop hurting is through the vibrations of the car and the cool rush of air.  In fact, he is often the only person who can calm my crazy foot pain.  He always rubs my feet and after surgery he rubs my toes to distract my brain from the pain that isn't really pain.  We share a love of ice cream and he will never say no to a quick trip to Dairy Queen, Thrify or McDonalds. 

We won't mention the facts that he wears sandals with socks, back in the day a pocket protector, has an infinite supply of nerdy Ride for Kids tshirts and he's been know to sneak snacks (most likely jelly beans) while were are in pre-op and I haven't eaten in 24 hours! My dad is a class-A nerd. I'm still not really sure what his job is, even though I've asked.
My dad stands for respect and patience and love in my life.  I hope that there will be a day that I can be with someone that is half the man that my dad is for me.  I love you, Dad!

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