Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today's Correspondence

From today's SM correspondence:

On Princess Di and Mother Theresa:
"I suppose. But I am still pissed on Mother Theresa's behalf.  Message to world: help others for your entire life and give your life to The Lord (even though you don't feel His presence) --> no acknowledgement.  On the other hand, dress pretty, give some of your time to charity, get caught doing something shady with a hotel mogul ---> insane amounts of coverage.  Enough already!  I'm pretty sure even Jesus is pissed about this insane lack of fairness in media coverage. 

I did stay up all night to watch JPII's funeral.  Man that guy was awesome. AND Polish.  He rose above all Polish jokes and showed the Catholic heathens who is boss - the Poles!

On the ridiculosity that is the royal wedding:
I admit that it does give the masses something to distract themselves with. And I have heard ridiculous undertones of "a prince turning a normal girl into a princess."  Great, just what we need.  As if we don't have enough girls running around thinking they are going to be/are princesses.  Then they are all disappointed because they are forced with the current production-possibility frontier curve of current day men in which we must choose between toolness and pussiness. Fabulous.  Just great UK.  Disney is probably paying them.

True.  Harry is much hotter. He also possesses my signature attraction of red-hair. I'd do Harry. I'd wear costumes if he wanted. Sign me up!!!!  William - balding and already looks 35.  Kate. Eh, she's no beauty, but she's not fugly."

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