Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ayudame o Jo-f*ing-der

I thought of many titles for this post while I climbed for 20 miles

Well if yesterday was a climb. I'm not sure what today was. I was still kind of sore when I woke up, but tried to eat some protein for breakfast. The house that we stayed at was beautiful, surrounded by vineyards to make it's own wine. The weird thing was that the man who rebuilt the whole place felt the need to put his face everywhere! Including the toilet paper!!!!


My room - yes I can make a mess internationally

View from the balcony overlooking the vineyards

Sunrise over the vineyard

And because I love babies....

We left and almost immediately started climbing!!! There was a small rest in a little town where there was a church that St. Francis de Asisi built. I also was lucky enough that the graveyard was open and i got to walk around. I know it's morbid, but I love graveyards. I like to read the people's names and dates and imagine what their life was like. I recently read an article about the top 5 things that old people wish about their lives. I'll have to dig it up.

Anyway, after that town, I climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed.

 Then we climbed some more! Then I stopped for lunch. I, of course, made a wrong turn and so I ended up in the footpath (quite a treacherous one) with my bike for about 10 km. It was really hot.


I just keep pushing my bike and singing to myself. Eventually, I came across a man with his cows. I asked him if I was lost and he said no, to keep going. So I did. Good gravy! But before they left, one of the cows shook her head and all of the snot hanging from her nose onto me!!!

I finally reached the top of the footpath. At the top i was so tired!!!!! I saw some dogs, so I started talking to them in Spanish I asked if i could take their pictures, etc. There are so many random dogs here. I am trying to take their pictures, I think it would make a nice calendar: The Dogs of Spain. I didnt see the group of pilgrims coming up behind me. Pretty sure they were having a chuckle at my expense!!!

A candidate for my Dogs of Spain calendar

I stopped for some water and kept going. I ended up riding/walking about 7 more km until I got to the top. It was a beautiful view, but my legs were so tired. I suppose it's good I ended up in the footpath because I'm pretty sure I felt some tibia cracking while I was climbing. At least when I was walking the other tibia was under stress. Gotta keep the fractures equal...they get jealous!!!!!

On the last five km i pretty much just kept repeating, "Ayudame, por favor," or "Gracias para la fuerza." It wasn't pretty. But I made it to the top and Martin had made me some food since I missed his brilliant picnic lunch!

Our "family" at the top of the hill

I think that from here things get flatter and cooler!!!!

A statue of Santiago

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