Monday, September 13, 2010

Long ride today!

Long ride today!
Today I stuck with the group. We rode from Astorga to Cacabelos. There were a lot of really interesting things to see along the way. We stopped at a cross where people leave rocks and other memorabilia from all over the world. I left a rock I had picked up earlier. But the Australian had brought a little koala to leave. Others had left rocks, shoes, helmets, toys, jerseys, a clock and random other trinkets. It was interesting.

We stopped for lunch in El Acebo. We ate some "mountain food.". This included some yummy mushrooms and a taste of deep fried sandwich. I am always interested in all of the buildings. Some of them were built in the 1500s. I am also intrigued by the number of abandoned buildings as we ride through Spain.

Mountain food

Poster inside the restaurant

The ride today was hilly. But the views were gorgeous. I, of course, somehow ended up on the Camino footpath (which isn't paved). When finally found or group, Martin (our guide) said, "Bet the pretty Pinarello can't do that!"  Haha...probably not! On the descent it was easy to go 55km/hr.

This guy claims to be the oldest Knight of the Templars

Tribute to a fallen German cyclist on the Camino

We ended up going on a detour. We rode through some beautiful country, along a canal on our way out of Foncebadon. Our guide, Martin, was trying to keep us of the busy road because Angela doesn't like traffic. We ended up off-reading a bit. Then John got a flat tire an we noticed a big slash in his tire. Hooray for the Gu trick! I totally saved the day!!! We rode for a bit longer until we got to Cacabelos. The rest of the group has a drink and we called Pedro to come and get them. Martin and I finished the final 10km, for a total of about 85 km for the day. I was the only one (guides included) that finished the day's entire ride! We rolled in about 8:15pm. That is the longest it took me to do 60 miles ever!!!!! I'm tired. Staying with the group meant a lot of stopping and my body doesn't like that, but it was nice to stay with the group.

We ate dinner (we're staying at a Palace!!!!!!). Then Martin and I walked around the vineyards. I'm freaking exhausted. But this place is gorgeous. I cant wait to see it in the morning.

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