Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The stars in the sky

The stars in the sky
Spanish Quemada
I'm gonna regret staying up to write this. Tonight we had a fabulous dinner. There was good food, good wine and good people. We remet some people from Germany (holla to Christel!!) that we met earlier on the Camino at dinner. We all shared a Quemada. It's hard to explain, but essentially it's 90 proof alcohol in a big pot that you light on fire. Then you play with the fire. In tradition there is an incantation to ward of evil spirits and invoke the spirits of your loved ones. It was cool because first it was done in Spanish, then German, then English. After we drank the Quemada we sat around and talked and drank more wine. A young German girl joined us. Martin was telling her I am bionic and asked me to show her my scars. She saw that I had on Sketchers Shape-Ups. The line of the night became, "She has the same shoes as Brittany Spears!!!!"
Then we climbed up a hill and looked at the stars. It was truly amazing. I don't think there is anywhere in the US that you could see the stars so clearly. We were all at different levels of sobriety, which always makes for good conversation!
It was truly one of the more memorable moments of my trip and perhaps my life.

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