Saturday, September 18, 2010

Into Santiago

Today we had a short ride to Santiago (about 25 miles). It was chilly when starter out, but we warmed up quickly on the climbs.

Pedro left us arrows with inside jokes!

Right as we started out on our ride today, we passed this mother cow and her calf. The calf was so recently born that the placenta was still attached.  I've never been a mother, but this is as close as I've been to the miracle of life being presented in front of me.  It reminded me of the importance of valuing life and the precious miracle that we are given each day.

Unfortunately, it's not a trip until Laura gets hurt! I was riding through a small town and had to stop quickly. I pulled the front brake instead of the back and so I went over the handlebars. I hit my head and a piece of my helmet flew off. But overall I think I'm fine. I have a few scrapes and bruises. I'll probably have a nice shiner tomorrow and my chin is already smarting a nice bruise!

Have no fear!  I finished the ride.

The rest of the ride was pleasant and I arrived at the Cathedral a short time before the others. There were so many pilgrims. Over the last few days we've seen an increase of Pilgrims on the Camino as all the routes converge. Yesterday, there were 100's. Today we weren't on the actual Camino much to avoid all the foot traffic.

When we got to the hotel I was feeling super sick and tired, so I took a Snory while the others went to lunch. I felt much better after!

I woke up about 5:30 and walked to a cafe and got a Coca Light and a Maxibon (yum!!!!!!). Martin and Pedro found me and took me to the others where we waited in line forever to get our certificate of completion of the Pilgrimage.

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