Saturday, September 18, 2010

Castle on Thursday

On Thursday Karen and I convinced Martin to take us on a detour to a castle, Castelo de Pambre. The ride was gorgeous. We rode through the Spanish countryside. It was spectacular. We arrived at the castle just in time to be allowed inside the walls. We really lucked out because they just started accepting visitors on July 1 and they closed for siesta at 2 (it was 1:30). All of the wood on the inside was gone, but we could see where the floors and rooms were and imagine what it was like. It was amazing to think about all that happened there over the centuries (it was built around 1375).

The alter inside the castle

Inside the castle walls

The Granary

The irony of Martin talking on his cell phone while in the castle

Then we pedaled to Azrua. We hadn't eaten since breakfast, so we were pretty well spent by the time we arrived. Dinner was fabulous. I had carne asada (not the Mexican kind) and the meat literally fell apart it was so tender.

Karen set her alarm to remind us to go to bed....which somewhat worked. We got to bed around midnight.

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