Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day Three: Starting off a little late

Day Three: Starting off a little late

I'm a morning person. My alarm goes off, I'm awake and ready to go (remember, I also shut down at 5pm). I never press Snooze. This morning, however, I turned off the alarm and didn't wake up until Amy knocked on my door at 4:30 (the time we were to leave for the airport). Oops.

I'm pretty sure my gate for my flight to Dublin is in the bowels of Heathrow. I seriously walked miles to get here. Also, now my name is in the security log of London Heathrow. It appears (or rather didn't appear) that the photo they took if me through security point A did not show up at point B, so I had to go through a lengthy interview until they allowed me to continue on my pilgrimage to Gate 82.

At this point, I just want a nap!

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