Saturday, September 11, 2010


We finally arrived in Leon. The train ride was scheduled to be 2 hours 45 minutes. It took 5 hours and 12 minutes. Spain!!!

This old couple was SO cute!

I stayed at a hostel last night. I have never smelled so disgusting nor been so happy to take a shower!!!!
I walked around Leon and despite all of disdain for the country (I forgot about the tsking!!!)

I forgot that they know how to be. It was a friday night and the plazas were full of people meandering and enjoying each others company. No one was in a hurry. No one cared what time it was or anything else. I walked with a family from Leon when leaving the train station. They told me they knew I was American because I walked fast and looked like I had somewhere to be!

This morning I went to Plaza Mayor to meet my group. No one was there. Of course, the receptionist at the hotel was Spanish and not in the least bit helpful. I frantically called my mom (don't wanna see that phone bill!), she said she thought we were supposed to meet at 10:45. So I walked up to the cathedral and just made morning mass. I was surprised how many people were there. I understood most of mass, but didn't know the responses in spanish. It was comforting.

I returned to Plaza Mayor where there is a huge market. And not like the farmers market we have in LA (filled with Bobos), this is where actual farmers sell their food and actual people buy it. I bought a yummy apple and sat and watched the people. People talking. People eating. People being with each other.
Cathedral in Leon

After some more panic about my group, I called the US number. I am supposed to meet them at 4:30. Phew....

Apparently those that generate graffiti in Spain are also philosophers

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