Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An easy way to score some Pope Cards (for those of you in the market)

Someone should really write to Lonely Planet and all the travel books and direct them to include a warning (probably with a photo) that no one should ever listen to directions from me. Those of you who have traveled with me (or just in general attempted to get anywhere with me) know this us not a wise idea. Apparently I look Irish because three people asked me for directions. Two I told I have no idea, but a third kept asking. I DID know where the river is (I think!!!!)! So I sent him on his merry way.

Although Ireland is beautiful I am sorely disappointed by the severe shortage of red heads!

I took a longer than intended nap and ended up leaving the hotel at about 5pm. It was raining, shocking I know! But it wasn't too bad. So I walked around Dublin. I made it to St. Stephens Green, but in general had no agenda. I saw a beautiful rainbow just over the river. I though of how perfect that was to see a rainbow in Ireland. I also saw a leprechaun museum, but it was already closed!!!!

I plodded back to the general area of my hotel. I stopped in to a pub, had a beer and watched some of the soccer game (Ireland v Angora) with some cool Irish guys (sadly none with red hair!).

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