Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Boring day

Daph and her new friend from Australia

Today we only rode about 40 miles on some slight rolling hills. The countryside was pretty and I stopped at a monastery to pray. But other than that it was calm and quiet. And I didn't get lost!!!!!!
Coca Cola even has vending machines, with a map of the Camino...or America, can't keep our capitalist noses out of anything!

We had some free time, but there really wasn't much to do in Portomarin, so we took a snorey (my new word for nap! Love it!).

For dinner we had Paella and green wine. The wine is called a green wine because it's made with white grapes before they are fully ripe. It was fruity and good.


Green wine

I'm too tired to write anything philosophical. We did have some good education talk at dinner tonight.

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