Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Ordinary Day at the Magic Kingdom

Notre Dame has a webpage:  I try to visit every day, but I didn't go there at all during my trip.  I stumbled upon many postings that were relevant to my trip.  But here is one that especially caught my eye:

On my trip, I was hoping that something magical and extraordinary would happen. That all of the blinders that I find myself struggling against would be removed and I would see the grand purpose in my life.  But a friend reminded me early on that it was "only a trip."  I wasn't going to magically grow up, figure everything out and turn my life into a work of God in 16 days.

"Mostly the Kingdom comes to us in the little things that move our story another day down the road, not in big events. No magic wine at a wedding feast, no blinding light knocking us to the ground, no crying cock to make our betrayals memorable; not even an enigmatic parable to keep us thinking. Instead the Kingdom serves up an opportunity for patience with a crying baby or a whining colleague, a chance to bite the tongue on a gossipy remark, a saved moment to whisper a quick prayer of no great eloquence."

Every day, no matter where you are is a chance to serve the Lord and be a part of his kingdom.  He never promised grand revelations or that every day would be a picnic.

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  1. Amen - It is so lovely seeing you growing up to be a more wise young lady. The world has a way of teaching us many things if we only stop long enough to ponder the day's activities, we can see the difference we make in the life's of others or perhaps just how a kind word or selfless act can make the difference in someone's day.