Friday, September 10, 2010


Estoy en Espana. And Spain never fails to disappoint!!! After not sleeping all night in London, I was able to sleep a little on the flight to Madrid.

After getting off the plane I attempted to follow the signs for Salida.
All signs point to an exit...but there are none to be found!

 But of course, in typical Spanish manner, they took me all over the freaking airport! I asked several airport officials and they all assured me I was going the correct way. Unfortunately a group of travelers from Taiwan thought I knew what I was doing (they had seen me ask about the exit in Spanish and assumed I was Spanish) and followed me. Well, we ended up who knows where and the police surrounded us. Of course, they don't speak English and none of my new Chinese friends speak Spanish (most speak a tiny bit of English). So I am trying to explain to the police that we are lost. Eventually they calm down and take us to passport control. We still don't know where our baggage is. I talk to the passport police, asking them to speak slowly. They proceed to joke and tell me that Americans who speak Spanish always speak too fast (complete with an impersonation). "No te preocupes!!!!!" Oh, how I missed that saying! As we were leaving i said my signature "No pasa nada," and the Spanish Guarda were rolling on the floor laughing!!!

Finally, we found the wayward group's guide and collect our luggage. All of the Chinese wanted their picture with me!!!!! So in many scrapbooks across China there will be photos of me with random Chinese tourists - puffy eyes and all!!!

Level -1?!?!  Really Spain?!?!?

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